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What is covered?

  • We offer a 2 year warranty to ensure your floor is done correctly. Warranty is non-transferrable and applicable only to the owner of the property at the time of contracting. Warranty repairs don not constitute an extension of the original warranty period for the original installation.

  • -Obligations for repairs shall become null and void if anyone other than Charlie & His Boys LLC perform repairs during the warranty period.

  • -This warranty does not cover damage due to physical abuse such as gouging, scraping, cracking from movement of pavement/cement, leaks, or improper repairs attempted by anyone other than Charlie & His Boys LLC. 

  • -This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, neglect, or faulty maintenance, such as but not limited to: staining, discoloration, or blistering due to prolonged contact with items such as gasoline, oil, break fluid, transmission fluid, hydrostatic pressure, or moisture vapor transmission levels greater than 8 pounds. 

  • -This warranty does not cover premature usage of product before proper cure times. 

  • -Charlie & His Boys LLC shall not be responsible for defects caused by accidents, acts of God, structure defects, building alterations, cracks or ruptures in the structural base, natural disasters or extreme temperatures. 

Warranty: Welcome
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