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Common Questions

Your Questions, Answered


Why should I get epoxy?

Epoxy is very durable, easy to clean, and much easier on the eyes than the plain old cement. Not to mention, its also a great selling point when its time to sell your home!

How long is the process?

We can install your garage floor in 2-3 days depending on size, condition, and weather. The last thing you want is the wind kicking up trash on your fresh new floor. You can walk on it as soon as 2 days and drive on it within 4-5 days.

What do you guys do?

We will diamond grind the floor to ensure we get the best bond possible and remove anything that will affect the epoxy such as battery acid and oil. After we grind, we will put down the moisture protected base coat and throw your chosen color of flakes. Lastly, we will pick up excess flake, scrape to perfection, and clear coat it to give it that nice shiny finish!

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